The Form

Yes, I want to know where you are going and who you will be with!

If you’re a parent of adolescents, you know that getting the whole story is not as easy as just asking for it. Because of this fact, we invented “The Form”, a questionnaire the kids have to fill out if they are planning to attend any outside activities with their friends that are more detailed and intricate than just “shooting hoops with” or “studying with”. The kids think it is ridiculous, of course, but all the parents we mention it to seem to like the idea. So I thought we would share it with everyone, in case they want to implement it in their household. We hope it helps sort through the murkiness of the details you are receiving.

The Form

1) Name of Event or Happening:

2) Name of Host of Event or Happening:

3) Location of Event or Happening:




4) Parent(s) of Host:




5) Date of Event or Happening:

6) Timeframe of Event or Happening:

7) Type of Event or Happening (ie: “Sleepover” or “Pool Party”):

8 ) Do you need to bring anything to the Event or Happening (ie: “Gift”, “ Swimsuit”, “Cookies”):

9) Will you be eating at the Event or Happening?  Yes/No  (pick one) If “Yes” is it a meal or just snacks?

10) What will be your mode of transportation to and from the Event or Happening? If the answer is anything other than Mom or Dad fill out A. & B. below.

A. Who is driving you to the event? What is their cell #?

B. Who is driving you home? What is their cell #?

11) Are there others driving with you (other than the driver), if so please list their names.

12) If Mom or Dad are driving, do we have to pick up or drop off anyone? Yes/No (Pick one) If “Yes”, fill out A. & B. below.

A. Pick up:

Name(s) of person to be picked up:

Location of Pick-up (Address, Town, State & Home Phone)

Time of Pick-up:

Name(s) of Parent(s) & Cell #’s:

B. Drop off:

Name(s) of person to be dropped off:

Location of Drop off (Address, Town, State & Home Phone)

Name(s) of Parent(s) & Cell #’s:

12) Who will be in attendance at the event? Please list as many names as known. Also, please supply the cell phone of a responsible attendee other than the host or parents of the host.

13) Are there any additional details we should know about? If so please include them below.

Be Present ~

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